San Antonio is a great place to have a pool since you are able to enjoy it nearly all year round. Because of our mild climate and exposure to the sun, we recommend the following tips for keeping your pool in the best shape.

Keep the area around your pool clean

Making sure your pool area is clean will reduce the amount of debris in your swimming pool.  If you already have debris in your swimming pool, try to remove it before it sinks to the bottom

Skim your pool with a net

Clean up additional debris and particles from your pool. Make sure that you dump the particles from your skimmer net into a bag or trash receptacle. Otherwise the leaves, grass, and other items will find their way back into your swimming pool.

Spot check your pool surface

If you see dirt, dust, or sand accumulating on the walls or steps of your pool, be sure to brush it away. You can also add a little pool-safe tile soap to your pool and this will move the particles away from the center and onto the surface, making it easy to clean and remove.


Vacuum your pool frequently

Use a swimming pool vacuum to clean your pool!  Start with the higher levels of your swimming pool.  Make sure your vacuum motion is smooth and slow. You don’t want to disturb any particles that might float up and cause the vacuum to miss them.

Maintain proper water level

The water should be somewhere around the middle of the skimmer opening, often halfway up the tile.

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