Maintenance Plans

Take a look at our commercial pool equipment warranty plans

ReliaBlue Warranty Plan
In addition to providing one-time quality equipment repairs and replacements, we offer yearly maintenance warranty plans according to your needs.  These plans include parts and labor.  This reduces the risk of inevitable repairs destroying a monthly budget, by spreading the costs over a longer period of time.  Our maintenance plans allow you to make monthly payments to cover potential repairs that will eventually happen.  As part of our warranty plans, we perform an annual preventative inspection of the pool equipment and will attend to other repairs as they are reported. 
  1. Gaskets and Plastics
    Skimmer Baskets Pump Baskets Valve O-Rings Backwash Valve Gaskets Pump Seals & O-rings Chem Feed Tubes & O-rings
  2. Equip"mint" Plan
    All Equipment Included in Gaskets and Plastics, Plus: Backwash Valves Filters Chemical Feeders Pumps & Motors Gauges & Meters Pool Signs & Safety Equipment Every Third Year Sand Change Every Second Year Pool Water Replacement Leak Detection
  3. Equip"mint" Plus
    All Equipment Included in Equip"mint" Plan, Plus: Leak Repairs Plaster Tile Deck Overlay Fences & Gates Heaters