Training & Support

While we are more than pleased to service your facility pool, we ultimately believe in providing solutions that meet your needs.  Many times that means that we empower your maintenance staff, when they have the time and capacity available, to manage all aspects of pool cleaning and maintenance themselves.  We can provide them with the knowledge and professionalism of a professional commercial pool service company.  We provide one-time 2 hour training sessions or monthly training programs to meet those needs according to budgetary restrictions.
  1. Monkey See
    Monthly Access to Our Training Videos
  2. Monkey Do
    Up to 2 Emergency Visits per Month (as needed) Unlimited Phone Support Once a Month 2 Hour Hands-On Training Performed On-Site with Your Own Pool Equipment, Covering: Pool Cleaning Equipment Handling Chemical Use & Safety Water Problems Equipment Troubleshooting Limited Repairs
  3. No More Monkeys
    All Training Support Included in the Monkey Do Training Plan, plus: Additional Once a Month Four-Hour Training Sessions (including materials), Covering: Pool Management Equipment Repairs Texas Health Code Compliance OSHA Compliance ADA Compliance MAHC Knowledge Incident Management Specialty Chemicals